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Industry: Fashion & Apparel
Region: United States
2 Changes Driving 54% Lift In Conversions
TopRioShop is an eCom store selling high quality Brazillian styled Athliesure wear. The company uses Shopify as its eCom platform. RevUp did an end to end overhaul of the entire site UX, streamlined the content, updated the plugin bundles and introduced a system of on-going testing for the organization.
Industry: Health & Fitness
Region: United States
3 Changes Driving 82% Lift In Conversions
What would an 82% lift do for your eCom store? This is what happened to Complement, a brand selling supplements for the vegan population. ‍Using our proprietary formula for testing, we executed 3 tests that lifted conversions by 82%! This allowed the brand to become one of the leading vegan supplements company in the US. Read More
Industry: Gifting
Region: United States
30% Lift in Conversions By Optimizing The Mobile Experience
Revup did 4 winning changes which lifted the conversions by 30%, and allowed this brand to capitalize on the 930 million ad impressions they received during that year.

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